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e mërkurë, 10 dhjetor 2008

Knit Two by Kate Jacobs eBook edition

No, I don't knit.  Nor do I live in Manhattan.  But I am a woman who is lucky enough to have a group of long-time women friends who meet weekly.  So of course, I absolutely fell in love with Kate Jacobs'  Friday Night Knitting Club.

When I saw that Knit Two, the sequel, had been released I could hardly wait to download and read it.

I finished it a couple of days ago and sat down to write this review.  I spent the next half hour or so staring a the title, cover art and a blank page.  A classic case of writer's block. . . not something that ever happens to me.  I finally got up and walked away.

Over the last couple of days I have idly wondered what the hell that was all about.  I mean, I enjoyed the book.  It was a pleasant and easy read that kept me entertained over the holiday weekend.  So why was I at a loss for words?

I think I finally figured it out.  I was disappointed.  I wanted to love the book, but I just couldn't do it.  Instead, I ended up with a mild case of like.

The first couple of chapters required a whole lot of work-- I had to go back into my memory bank a long way to find these characters and to remember why I cared about them.  Once that was accomplished I was faced with these characters in their current incarnations. 

Jacobs draws strong, fully rounded characters.  These women are believable and almost stride off the pages into your real life.  In fact they became so real that I found myself getting annoyed with them.  Anita and Catherine in particular indulge in way too much angst and high drama for my taste.

I found, however, that my annoyance with the characters was vastly reassuring.  I have certainly been annoyed with all the women in my group at one time or another.  And I am sure they have been as annoyed with me.  Face it, humans are often annoying!

The real problem with this novel is the plot; a real disaster.  Now, coming from me, who can stretch credulity to extreme limits, this is a pretty amazing statement. 

Knit Two, graphically reminded me that I prefer the classic "no discernable plot rambler" to a highly contrived plot with a neat and tidy resolution that has one in a million odds of actually ever happening that way. 

Trust me, the plot stinks, but the book is worth reading for the characters.  And no matter how I diss this story, when the inevitable third book in the series is published, I will read it too. 

Here is the publisher synopsis:

Knit Two returns to the Manhattan knitting store Walker & Daughter five years after the death of the store's owner, Georgia Walker. Georgia's daughter Dakota is now an 18 year old freshman at NYU, running the knitting store part-time with the help of the members of the Friday Night Knitting Club.

Drawn together by their love for Dakota and the sense of family the club provides, each knitter is struggling with new challenges: for Catherine, finding love after divorce, for Darwin, newborn twins, for Lucie, being both a single mom and caregiver for her elderly mother, and for seventysomething Anita, marriage to her sweetheart Marty over the objections of her grown children. As Kate Jacobs returns to the world of Walker & Daughter, she's once again keyed into many of the stresses and joys of being a mother, wife, daughter and friend.

Every woman who picks up this book will see themselves in its characters¿the very thing that made The Friday Night Knitting Club such a huge word-of-mouth success. A true love letter to the power of women's friendships, and, of course, knitting, Knit Two is entertainment with a heart. Tags: ebook,ebooks,ebook reviews,Knit Two,Kate Jacobs,The Friday Night Knitting club

e mërkurë, 27 shkurt 2008

eBooks About Photography, Hobbies, And Much More!


'Langford's Starting Photography' by Philip Andrews. For a first in photography, you really could not ask for more. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to start photography or develop their knowledge. This eBook guides you through photography jargon and explains digital, APS and SLR cameras with ease. Including projects for practical starting points easy enough for a total beginner with only a disposable camera or professionals with the latest stuff.

'SHUTTERBABE' by Deborah Kogan. The first paragraph is dynamite and made me buy the book. And it's all the more remarkable because this paragraph ends on a topic that usually makes me drop a book for good. Through most chapters after that, the narrator is a bigger than life adventuress, whose tribulations sound just slightly embellished by Jewish humor and yarn spinning. This eBook is about photography in the sense that a young woman from a suburb of Washington, DC goes off to Paris to pursue a career in photojournalism. Kogan wants excitement and finds herself making photos of wars and meeting a variety of men. In time she finds what is important to her and that is the most worthwhile part of her story. The references to Leica and Nikon equipment are enjoyable and right on the mark for those who enjoy photography. Use the Coupon Code below to receive a Discount on either of these two eBook Titles.

Langford's Starting Photography (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Andrews, Philip
'The' Focal Press introductory photography book. This authoritative classic was originally written by a leading photography writer and lecturer, Michael Langford, and has been updated by lecturer and best-selling author, Philip Andrews, for today's beginning photographer.
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SHUTTERBABE eBook edition by Kogan, Deborah
At age twenty-two, fresh out of college and passionate about photography, Deborah Copaken Kogan moved to Paris and began knocking on photo agency doors, begging to be given a photojournalism assignment.
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e premte, 18 janar 2008

Shake Rattle And Roll


'Apple Pro Training Series: Shake 4' by Marco Paolini. This eBook is really good for someone who wants to start of with shake, gives you nice intro and then takes you all the way up, this book is not only full of tutorials but it also talks about the technical side, the humor makes me feel as if I am talking to the author. Its a good buy at the price and also there is no other material available on shake. One of the best books in this field.Very comprehensive tutorials that make you understand shake in a minimum of time.

'Cartridges Of South Coventry' by Frank Krasnickas. This book is probably not going to be of much interest to anyone but the fairly advanced cartridge collector. However for those, it presents some good historical information on a limited group of 19th century cartridge manufacturers (Crittenden & Tibbals, Phoenix, and American) that were located in the South Coventry CT area. In fact it's the only book I am aware of that does. Good information for those who have a serious interest in old cartridges. And if you are one of the few who do have an interest in Cartridges use the Coupon Code Below to receive a Discount on either of these two eBook Titles at Checkout.

Apple Pro Training Series: Shake 4 (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Paolini, Marco
Talk about making an impact: Apple's Shake compositing and visual effects software has been used in every Academy Award-winning film for visual effects since its debut. It's no wonder that trained Shake artists are in high demand, and there's nowhere better to begin getting that training than with this fully updated (for Shake 4) and comprehensive Apple-approved guide.
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Cartridges Of South Coventry (Adobe Reader) eBook edition by Krasnickas,Frank
Everything you wanted to know about cartridges made by Crittenden & Tibbals, H.W. Mason, Pheonix and American Metallic Cartridge Company.
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